COPA for KID 2019 Whitecourt

Scheduled for: JUNE 22
Flight Status: Event is on! TODAY. Updated June 22 9:00am.

Read the following details carefully. Access to registration form is at the bottom of this page.

ATTENTION! There is an age restriction for this event!!!

AGE 8 -17 Please don’t promise your 7 year old child a flight, we’d hate for your kid to think of you as a bad parent when he/she is not allowed on the aircraft.

Event Sign-in begins at 8am. Even though you have pre-registered, you should be here at 8am so your child can get sorted into a flight group.

Ground school starts at 8:30am, in small groups

Flying begins 9:00 am, 

This event can take up to 3 hours from the time the flying begins, depending on the amount of aircraft that shows up.

Park at the Whitecourt airport public parking, and meet at the Terminal building to sign in.

once you are signed in you will take your turn in  ground school.

After completing ground school,  You may have to wait for some time before flying, so dress appropriately for weather.

You will then have your turn riding in an aircraft. 

Hotdogs and Hamburgers are provided for the kids free of charge.  (no food allowed in the aircraft)

For Parents, hotdogs and hamburgers are free, Donations to the flying club are welcomed.

please emphasize these important points to your children…

1 Listen to your Pilot at all times!!

2 The aircraft are delicate!!  They are not like a car where you can slam the door,  pay attention to the pilot when he tells you how to enter and exit the aircraft.

3 Do not touch or rub or try to clean the windows of the aircraft,  The windows are not glass, and they scratch very easily.

4 Grab the aircraft only where told by your pilot. 

5 Step only where told by your pilot.

6 Do up your seat belt and it must remain done up at all times.

7 Hands and feet must remain clear of all controls and switches at all times. 

8 If you feel sick, tell the pilot immediately. Do not be shy about this!  Looking out the window at the horizon helps to regain your balance and can alleviate air sickness. There will be airsickness bags onboard.

9 Do not talk to the pilot during Take off and landing.

10 Leave your camera on the ground with your parents, it just gets in the way.

11 Leave your Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, and other electronics with your parents.  Electronic devices not allowed.

12    Most of all enjoy your flight!

COPA for kids is a nationally recognized program that introduces children to the excitement and wonder of flight.

Local pilots volunteer their time and aircraft for no reason other than to enjoy a day of flying while bringing smiles to first time fliers.

Over 10,000 kids have taken advantage of this program across Canada. 

A ten minute “ground school” briefing is given before the child can fly.

Watch your email inbox for any changes or cancellation due to weather.

DOWNLOAD AND SIGN THE GUARDIAN CONSENT FORM HERE and bring it with you the day of the event.

Sign up for COPA for Kids event HERE